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What Makes Us Different

Connell Consolidated didn't officially start operations until 2019. Yet it has already beat most companies in terms of profitability. That's because the founder, Seth Connell, obsessed for many years before making the decision to go live with his company. He was so scared of failing that he spent years of his life studying the best tactics he could find for starting off on his first real business project. Connell Consolidated isn't just a business. It represents years of hard work and study.

Money Lost

Seth J. Connell

What Makes This Company Profitable:

Good Branding

We know how to get people's attention in a way where they remember who we are. By hammering our brand into people's minds with a few subliminal techniques, we ensure they will keep coming back to us. It's a science. And we're good at it.

Simple Content

We don't write like colllege professors. Instead, we write so the common man can understand. That's why we work in so many written content industries. Because we're good at writing in a style that anyone can appreciate.

Permission Marketing

Marketing is one of those buzzwords a lot of people like to use. But let's be honest: Most marketing is just spam. But here at Connell Consolidated, we have built some really close relationships with advertising networks and agencies. And by working with them, we're able to get the permission of potential fans to continue advertising to them in the future. Our fans actually want to know more about us and our projects.

Careful Design

Good design isn't just beautiful - it achieves something. That's why we've carefully researched the best types of fonts and colors for our projects to get the best results with our content. Our goal is to get readers and customers engaged and buying. And we have accomplished that pretty well.

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